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Starting university can be daunting. Therefore Mooreskills have compiled the top 10 tips for freshers that will help you survive the first semester, and beyond.

  1. Register with a Dr…before Freshers week

It may sound dull, but this will really come in handy when Freshers flu kicks in. And as a result the NHS Walk-in centre is packed. If you urgently need to see a Dr in your first few weeks of university can make an appointment.

  1. Don’t buy everything before arriving

The chances are you’ve been listing what you need for your new independent life since finishing you’re A-levels. Likewise so have all the other students you will be living with. Before you know it, your student kitchen will have enough frying pans and cutlery to supply a small army. More kitchenware means more mess. So, wait until you get there to see what else needs purchasing.

  1. Learn to cook

Now this might sound slightly obvious, but you need to eat, without blowing all your cash on Dominoes. Learning to cook some basic balanced meals at university will not only keep you healthy but save money. Also deterring you from a life of microwave Super noodles and a gluten intolerance further down the line.

  1. Have a kitchen rota

Washing up wars will divide the household if you don’t set your boundaries early on. All it takes is some tit-for-tat attitudes towards a bowl of tuna pasta left on the worktop for your kitchen to develop its own eco-system and some stern words with your new housemates. Gather together during freshers and devise a chore rota so that you all have equal responsibility for the cleaning. It will save time and friendships.

  1. Use public transport

Students and young people get discounts on public transport. So, before you set off into full price adulthood, take advantage whilst at university. Get a 16-25 rail card and you’ll save yourself a lot of cash.

  1. Join a group

Whether it’s sports your into, book clubs, or social committees join a group. It will help you get orientated with the university. Looks great on CV’s and applications. And you get to make more friends with common interests. It’s a win win.

  1. Get a job

It’s common place to think getting a job is for after university, so why get one now?

But today everything costs and getting a part time job in a shopping centre, charity, bar or student union will not only give you extra funds for uni essentials it will also provide you with work experience and transferable skills. Thus making your CV more attractive for when you graduate.

  1. Don’t blow your loan!

It’s very easy to do. After Freshers week, multiple trips to McDonalds and some late-night shopping sprees online you end up broke, your whole loan for the 1st semester gone. Apart from the obvious problem being how will you survive the winter. Believe it or not you have to pay that loan back…with interest. So, although those new trainers look like a bargain now with your Unidays discount the interest they will cost over time is extortionate.

  1. Save as you go

There’s nothing worse than working on a 3000 word essay all weekend to lose it by Monday. Therefore you should save your work as you go and make sure you back it up to the cloud or usb storage.

  1. Organise yourself

Finally, keep yourself organised. Getting a project planner or daily diary for the tasks ahead is an excellent way to keep on top of things. File your notes and invest in a project workbook for lectures and seminars to keep track of different subjects.