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Meet the team. Say hello to our all-important furry family.


Cocker Spaniel

What you need to know about me, apart from how cute I am: I love socks and digging in the garden. I get more excited than most dogs about rabbits, squirrels and cats – I like them A LOT. My mum says I’m spoiled, but surely every Cocker deserves scrambled egg after a walk? Keep me out of the way from umbrellas, cows and children and I’m a happy pup.




My name is Alfie. I was born in Conwy on April 22nd 2012. I live at home with my mum, dad and sister Bear (she’s below). Although I’m older, she is definitely in charge (I wouldn’t mess with her if I were you!). I’m big, dopey and very handsome and I love nothing more than climbing a mountain then settling down for a big snuggle at the end of the day. Make me a cup of tea and I’ll love you forever!



My name is Santo and I’m the most dog-like cat in the history of felines. I was born in August 2015, and when I was seven weeks old I moved to run a house where I look after two humans. I follow my humans around everywhere to make sure they’re safe. My hobbies include jumping on (and over) fences and catching birds, mice and frogs for my humans to eat (they never do). I love settling down in the evening on someone’s lap – I’m really friendly.


Border Terrier

My name is Paddy and I am a grown-up Border Terrier. Pretty handsome, huh? Like most dogs, my favourite things in life are food, drink and sleep – I’m doing a darn good job of the latter in my picture. I am a happy pup when I have the basics covered. My owners think I should have been called Jack after Father Jack – think of that what you like!




If you’re ever feeling down, take one glance at me bounding over to you and you’ll feel happy. I’m the happiest most free-spirited canine who is bursting with love. I’m a fun guy to be around, but sometimes (like when mum or dad get my lead out) I get overexcited and jump up – I’m nearly bigger than mum! I deserve my own shampoo campaign, ’cause I’m worth it. Love and licks, Indi.



I’m Bear. I chose my humans in December 2012 and moved into my new home just before Christmas. I love to chase my ball along the beach and roll around in the sand, water, mud (whatever I can find to make me scruffy, really). Although I love a cuddle, there is nothing better than a bit of alone time – I love to sit back and relax in peace and quiet. My brother Alfie can be rather annoying but I guess he’s alright really!



I’m Buddy, the cuddliest cockerpoo. I love chasing – even after greyhounds – and I’m a good boy most of the time. My favourite things are socks, sausages and snuggles. I look forward to my holiday with Alfie and Bear each summer and I love it when I’m allowed to sleep on mum’s bed. I’m a laid-back pup, but leave your snacks anywhere I can reach and they’ll be snaffled quicker than you can say “poodle pants”.



Harley’s the name, running around’s the game. My birthday is 17th March and I am a sprollie (if you don’t know what that is, it’s a collie-springer cross). I am uber friendly and super lively – sometimes my humans can’t keep up with me! I am very proud of this picture, as it was the day I won first (yes, first) prize for the waggiest tail and second prize for catching a treat (I never let one go to waste!).



Jack Russell Terrier

I am a bit younger than my pal Seamus – my birthday is 2nd July. I came into the Pusey family as a friend for Seamus – and what good friends we are. We’re a team. Although it takes a bit of time for me to warm to you (beware my growl), I am full of love once you’re a companion. I don’t just let anyone in – you have to be special (like me!). I have a funny nickname – it’s Minerva Crumble, which was given to me by Grandad. He loves me lots and it makes it easier for him to remember my name.



Jack Russell Terrier 

I’m Seamus – a friendly terrier born on 1st September. I came to my family from a farmer (who should have gone to Specsavers as my tail is docked way too short!). This does not hinder my wagability – I am constantly wagging! I have a heart of gold – my mum says – and I love to be the centre of attention. My pet names (get it?!) are Big Boy (don’t laugh, I know I am only small but I have a BIG character) and Blanky Boy as my favourite thing is to wrap myself up in my blanket and snooze.



I’m Lulu – a 17 year old Ragdoll cat with a great personality. My family rescued me when I was 3 years old in 1995. I had a very hard life before I met them. I had no fur and no front teeth when I joined my family and was a very poorly girl. My mum says i’m very chilled. I mostly enjoy eating, sleeping and being tickled on my belly. I can be a bit dippy sometimes because I’m so relaxed. Probably because I don’t have a care in the world.