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We encourage all our staff, trainers and learners to drink alcohol responsibly.

No matter the social circumstances, be it a night out on the town, a work function, a Friday night in with a movie or maybe you’re celebrating the completion of your apprenticeship. Alcohol in large quantities can have serious effect on your physical and mental health. Not to mention put you in some potentially harmful situations.

We have compiled a list of Top 10 tips to support and encourage anyone that imbibes alcohol to do it responsibly and safely.

Top 10 tips to drink responsibly:

Eat food!

Line your stomach by having something to eat before you start drinking. Having a full stomach allows alcohol to be absorbed more slowly.

Don’t drink to get drunk!

Enjoy your drink! Pace yourself and space your alcoholic drinks out with a soft drink or water in between.

Don’t feel pressured

You don’t have to take part in ‘rounds’ as you might end up drinking more and faster to keep up with others. Try pairing off to buy drinks instead. And avoid top-ups and being ‘double-parked’ to make it easier for you to keep track of how much you’re drinking – it’s not rude to say no!

Watch your measures!

Go easy on the alcohol at home. Not everyone is a born barman so be careful not to pour much larger measures than you would get in a bar. Buy a drink’s measure to check how much you’re drinking.

Stick with friends.

Don’t ditch your friends on a night out try to maintain a ‘leave together’ motto in taxi’s and at parties. And always send that ‘home safe’ message.

Have a day off!

Big night out? Why not take some time off and avoid alcohol for a couple of days?

Track your units.

Government guidelines advise it’s safest not to drink more than 14 units per week and it’s best to spread that over three days or more.

Sip your drink.

Quite simply advice, who wants to gulp down beer, wine and spirits anyway? Sip your drink and enjoy.

Accept a drink only when you really want one.

You don’t have to accept a drink just to be polite. If the person offering is insistent just ask for a soft drink.

Know your limits.

This one is slightly trial and error. But learning from your drinking experiences is important. If you feel ill or can’t remember your actions you’re probably past your limit and should call it a night.

We hope these tips help you to drink responsibly and if you have any concerns you can contact alcoholconcern.org.uk to get advice and support.