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The wheel of life

The key to life is balance, just like a wheel with bumps if its not balanced it can’t run smoothly.


Redefining Success

A large majority of people believe that success is something you relate to a career or wealth. But you can attach success to any area of life you can be successful in love being part of a happy healthy relationship. Or you can be successful in fun & recreation sticking to a hobby you enjoy and practising regularly. But if you excel in just the areas or career and wealth, yet home life and relationships are non-existent one side of your wheel will be flat. Completing the wheel of life assessment will help you to see what needs working on.

A useful tool

Psychologist have been using the wheel of life as an assessment tool for years.It serves to assess the areas in your life which are in abundance and lacking. Therefore, helping you identify the areas that need attention to balance.

Focusing on areas to improve shows how to bring balance to your life and create happiness and success.


If you’re about to google the ‘wheel of life’  Tibetan Buddhism will be your main result. It can be said that the toll originates from the Buddhist wheel, however the depiction and focus in Buddhism is the six realms and the cycle of rebirth until enlightenment.

How to use the wheel

The Wheel focuses on eight components, which are also called happiness factors in human life. It can be used as a means of coaching goal setting.

As a self-assessment it encourages you to reflect on your own happiness and goals to form practical steps in order to accomplish your achievements.

Simply print our wheel of life below and make a mark on the number you think is suitable for each section. 0 is not satisfied at all and 10 very satisfied.  Then join up the wheel and see the areas you need to work on. By understanding what goals you need to make you happier.