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Welcome to Part 2 of our health and well-being series. This week we are focusing on a healthy mind.


After a few weeks off the brain can slow down. Being out of routine and binging on festive flicks can leave you demotivated and sluggish. To help you clear space in your head for a new term of work. We’ve put together our top 5 tips to keep your mind healthy:

Mindfulness and Meditation

Setting some time aside to clear your head. Practising meditation can work wonders for getting your thoughts in order. Meditating can also help you to relax your brain before your sleep routine. Therefore, getting a healthy full 8 hours. This is required to reach REM (rapid eye movement sleep). This occurs approximately 90 mins into your sleep. Which is the healthy kind where you dream.

Start a journal

Writing a journal or just writing down your thoughts can help eliminate stress.  Looking at your thoughts on a page can also make them clearer and you can begin to organise them. So, treat yourself to a notebook and pen and write away any problems you may have. It also helps to release creativity, also keeping the mind balanced. 

 Just say OK and move on

A prominent factor in an unhealthy mind is outside influence. Things that are beyond our control. Namely the opinions of others. If you feel a tension will become an argument with someone make a conscious decision to say OK, and then move on. By not entertaining another person’s drama and letting it go your saving time, energy and yourself a lot of stress. Don’t engage with negativity and it won’t influence you.

Be thankful

There is no better feeling than one of gratitude, to feel centred and promote a positive attitude. Being grateful for five small things a day will help you focus on what has gone well during the day. And it you focus on the small things like a compliment, a good grade, or helping others the big things will take care of themselves.


In order to stay alert and focused your body has to deliver as much oxygen as possible to the brain. To make sure your blood circulates properly try to stay active or at least move on a regular basis. Regulating your breathing and taking deep breathes holding for 5 and releasing will calm your heart beat and promote healthy circulation.