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Welcome to 2019!


It’s Health & Wellbeing Month at Mooreskills. And if you’ve already broken your New year’s resolutions, you’re in the right place. We will be bringing you a four-part series on how to sort your life out for the year going forward. Bringing you top tips that are easy to stick to. So, ditch the epic resolution mentality, disappointment is not a great way to start the day. Instead take our weekly tips to make changes little and often. This week we explore the best way to get a healthy body post-Christmas binge… And you don’t even have to sign up to the gym.  


The January Detox:


Sticking to a complete food overhaul is very difficult after a festive break. If you’ve been used to waking up to a big breakfast and gorging on quality streets until lunch, then going on a juice fast or extreme detox might make you feel much worse before it makes you feel any better. So as an alternative try to introduce smaller changes you your diet to replace some of the bad habits you’ve picked up over festive season. Here are our top 5 tips to starting 2019 the right way.


Drink 2.5 litres of water

As our bodies are around 60% water it’s easy to get dehydrated. You are constantly losing water from your body. Primarily via urine and sweat. A diet high in salt and sugar (which you may not be aware that you’re eating) can also lead to dehydration. By topping up your water levels not only does this temporarily raise your metabolism. But makes you less hungry and likely to reach for the cookies.

Check your posture

If you’ve been slumped on the sofa doing your best impression of a couch potato for the last few weeks. You might need some posture maintenance. Bad posture can lead to tension, stress, headaches and potential injury. For a quick posture check stand with the back of your head against a wall, place heels 6 inches from the wall. Your buttocks and shoulder blades should touch the wall. There should be less than 2 inches between your neck or small of the back and the wall.

5 – a – day

I don’t know if I’m the only one that finds getting my 5-a-day portion of fruit and veg a chore. But I’ve found just adding them in to meals a little easier. Start the day with a banana on the side of your cereal or toast. Add some lean greens to your lunch. Switch your afternoon snack for an apple or some berries. Finally add another 2 portions of veg to your dinner. Congratulations you just completed your 5-a-day!

Move more

If hitting the gym or joining a yoga class aren’t your thing then why not just think to yourself – ‘I will move more’. Get into the mindset of walking to the shops instead of taking the car. Try to spend an hour a day outside. Be it gardening, or walking the dog. You can also express an interest in our cycle to work scheme. Therefore moving more and saving money.

Sort out your sleep

Late nights and lay-ins may have knocked your sleep routine out of whack in the run-up to new year. But getting some early nights in Jan will help you feel more alert in the day time. And help your immune system fight off the colds and coughs season. To help you get a good night’s rest try having a bath with Epsom salts to cleanse and de-stress your muscles releasing any toxins that might be giving you aches and pains. Limit your screen time, putting down and switching off screens at least an hour before bed can help you to relax your brain. And finally cut the caffeine, if you’re finding it hard to fall asleep you may still have too much caffeine in your system. Try to stop your caffeine intake at around 4pm so that by 8pm you’re ready to settle.   

We hope this helps you feel better and give you extra energy through out the month of Jan.

Next week we’ll be giving you our top 5 tips to beat the January blues in part 2 of your Health and Well-being series. ‘A healthy mind’.