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Savills Pathways

Savills Pathways has established itself as the go-to provider for training and personal development for people working in the UK Property Management sector. Savills Pathways is committed to providing training of the highest quality to ensure all Property Management Professionals within Savills have the necessary skills and knowledge to undertake their role to the best of their ability.

How did Mooreskills help?

Savills Pathways has been working with Mooreskills for over two years. They procured Mooreskills’ services to support the training team in the design and development of a suite of solutions, helping Savills Pathways deliver a Customer Excellence strategy.

The suite of Savills-branded products – that are now delivered across a portfolio of shopping centres and serviced properties – ensure shopping centre teams and front of house concierge personnel meet the standards of service delivery expected of Savills.

The senior management of Mooreskills, working closely with the Reception Services Manager at Savills, have developed a three tier development programme to support front of house staff. This includes a bespoke Foundation Level Service Excellence Programme which is delivered to all new employees as part of their induction. It sits within the Prime Service Academy, developed by the Mooreskills team over the past 12 months, and is continuing to evolve in line with business needs.


Their attention to detail and flexibility  have made them an ideal partner.”

Don’t take our word for it, what did Savills Pathways say?

“The training team at Mooreskills have been delivering our Customer Service strategy across our centres in the UK for over
two years and have facilitated the training operating under our Savills brand.

They continue to work with The Strategic Learning and Development Manager for Savills Management Resources, to develop further products aligned to our overarching customer excellence strategy.

Their attention to detail and flexibility in both design and delivery have made them an ideal partner to work with in the
evolution of our learning and development programmes.

Alison Tollerfield

Strategic Learning & Development Manager,, Savills Pathways

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