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Small businesses are investing into apprenticeships in a big way.

Something has caught our eye today for all the right reasons. Why this small engineering business invests in 10 new apprentices each year highlights the value of businesses investing in apprenticeships to nurture the talented workforce of the future.

Re-energising Metalcraft.

For engineering business Metalcraft, their incentive to invest came from the need to replace their near-retirement workforce. Their decision to attract local talent in its youth came as they realised around a third of their existing employees were ultimately, heading towards retirement. To fill this skills gap in the engineering sector, Metalcraft set about ‘re-energising’ their apprenticeship training. In addition, they aim to recruit up to 10 apprentices every year until 2020.

Saving 100k

Mooreskills knows the value of apprenticeships. Firstly, they allow you to gain essential skills in your chosen career industry. Furthermore, would-be apprentices could be £100,000 better off after a five year apprenticeship. Compared to, if they’d studied at university, as Metalcraft is promoting, then you soon understand the appeal.

In effect, not only are apprenticeships a savvy way to learn, earn, and steer clear from tuition fee debt. Moreover, they give apprentices the chance to reach a degree-level qualification. Or even be sponsored to to attend university, as one Metalcraft engineering apprentice is.

Therefore, not only are the learning opportunities a great selling point, but so too are the job prospects. ‘Some 90 per cent who finish the apprenticeship choose to stay with the company, and they’re in good company: several senior leaders including the managing director are former apprentices.’

And, this works both ways. The benefits of apprenticeships are not all in the hands of the learner. Employer benefits of investing in apprentices are countless, too. Investing in a young team who will commit to your company in the long-term is value worth shouting about.

So, the next time we shout about the virtues of apprenticeships. We can confidently say, ‘Don’t just take our word for it.’

Photo by Silvia Brazzoduro on Unsplash