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Pause & think – keeping your common sense in a world of different narratives

As part of Prevent Awareness Month, week 3 covers ‘Pause and Think’.

It sounds simple but common-sense thinking can be difficult in a world of media agenda’s and political bias.

Being surrounded by ideologies that discriminate and divide to support strategic alliances can have a negative and detrimental effect on the targeted scapegoats.

For example, our current economic climate highlights a large gap between the rich and poor.

The raising of taxes, food prices, house prices have marginalised much of the working class and demonised immigration.

However, when you look at the statistics and compare the factual numbers of immigrants that have been granted rights in the UK the numbers don’t add up.

Last year (Year ending June 2018) the figure for annual immigration granted was 625, of those numbers only 326 were from outside the EU.

Even If we assumed that none of the 625 were working in the UK or paying tax this would only cost an average of £375k which doesn’t match the current UK public debt of £1,7951.3 billion (www.economichelp.org.uk).

Therefore, it’s virtually impossible for the current deficit to be solely based on an immigration issue.

However, this is the agenda that conglomerate owned tabloids push to deflect from the real government spend. For example, the proposed £400m for H2 vehicles.

There are always narratives around us not based in truth, which is why to get the most holistic view its wise to do your own research.

Review your stats

It’s easy to get the numbers behind the articles you read. A quick search on the .gov website should lead you to the right documents.  Then find the numerical basis.

Just remember we have one of the lowest immigration rates in the world.

When the tabloids tell you that we’re housing many Syrian refugees. That escaped from the Assad regime. Know that Lebanon welcomed over ¾ of the refugee population with half the resources that the UK have.

Check your source

Global Media Conglomerates such as Time Warner, Viacom, British Sky Broadcasting Plc. Are all hierarchical media agencies. A key player in Agenda setting in both UK and American media is Rupert Murdoch, with conservative agendas pushed in both countries.

Owned by Murdoch’s News Corp, both the Sun and the Times both push conservative agendas. Especially with the run up to elections.

It’s rare their articles portray support to any other policies. He is also responsible for the Republican agenda set by Fox news. Furthermore he also owns The Wall Street Journal. Are we seeing a connection?

Just like the Guardian and the Daily Mirror push a labour agenda.

So, the moral of the story is, don’t trust everything you read. Create your own narrative from multiple fact-based sources.