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Apprenticeship programmes to suit you

An apprenticeship combines the practical qualities of on-the-job training with the educational boost of studying for a qualification. Earn a wage while you train, working alongside your employer to gain valuable skills and first-hand experience. An apprenticeship can be the key to reach your career goals. Sound good? We agree.

Apprenticeship sectors

We offer a variety of apprenticeships across a range of sectors

Whatever your area of interest, we have an apprenticeship for you. From HR to hospitality, choosing an apprenticeship sector that suits you is the first step of your learning journey.

Customer Service

Customer service is an integral part of any business and the skills apply to almost any job role.


An exciting, fast-paced sector, a qualification in Hospitality could set you up with a career for life. 

Facilities Management

Facilities Management is a diverse field with countless opportunities for progression. 

Team Leading

Leadership skills can be used as a foundation to many jobs and career paths across many different sectors.


A business qualification could open up a wide range of careers across many different sectors. 

Digital Industries

Digital is growing! More and more employers recognise the benefits of recruiting talent in this sector. 

Human Resources

A career in HR brings with it multiple opportunities for variety and career progression.


A fast paced and rewarding career, progression can be quick and starting salaries generous. 


A exciting and fast paced sector, with a multitude of roles and countless opportunities for progression.

Logistics & Supply

An industry that plays a vital role in the success of many others, skills in this indusry are highly sought after. 

Apprenticeships – the next step after your A levels?

So you’ve finished you’re A levels, well done! A level's are an amazing achievement, but what’s next?  Maybe university, maybe you want to start earning money, or maybe you want a bit of both? If so then an apprenticeship could be the best option for you. As we...

Apprenticeship Frameworks V’s Standards – What are the differences?

Apprenticeship standards are being developed to raise the quality of apprenticeships by responding to the needs of employers, who know what they want from their employees and can best describe what skills, knowledge and behaviours an apprentice within their sector...

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Believe us – you did it! It might not feel real yet but you have reached the end of your exams, well done! After many weeks of revision, preparation and anticipation – not to mention the exams themselves – you can now breathe a sigh of relief that you reached the end....

Volunteers’ Week

The past week has marked Volunteers' Week - a week dedicated to saying thank you for the fantastic contribution volunteers make to all kinds of projects and organisations. Over the week, hundreds of events and celebrations have been taking place across the UK to raise...

British Values – their meaning and importance

What are British Values? Perhaps images of the Union Jack and scones spring to mind, however, their meaning goes much deeper. Government guidance aims to actively promote the fundamental British values in places of education. As part of the government’s ‘Prevent’...

End-point Assessment – may the force be with you

This Star Wars Day, May the 4th 2018, we want you to feel the force and apply the power when it comes to your End-point Assessment (EPA). We have rounded up the most famous Star Wars lines to give you a fresh take on EPA advice. Remember, EPA varies for each level,...

Understanding apprenticeship standards

Let’s start at the beginning. What is an apprenticeship standard? An apprenticeship standard details how an apprenticeship programme is assessed and contains a list of the skills, knowledge and behaviours an apprentice will need to have learned by the end of their...

Career pathways – don’t reach the end of the road

Feeling the pressure to choose a career? Don’t park your aspirations just yet! Understand career pathways a little better and you’ll realise there a more possibilities than you first thought. Whether you are a school-leaver, an apprentice or graduate, knowing about...

Top revision tips for the month ahead

Exam season is approaching, and like a trip to the British seaside, it’s always best to be prepared. So how can you ensure you’re ready for the hurdles ahead? Mooreskills is here to help. Sleep on it Rest and recuperation is just as important as the revision itself –...

Friday feature: Exam stress – who’s applying the pressure and how do you combat it?

They come around every year, but revision and exams never cease to stir up stress in students. A recent article highlights the sources and variety of this stress. The UK’s leading stationer Ryman conducted a survey with 8000 young people to dig deeper into the...

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