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End of Exams

Believe us – you did it! It might not feel real yet but you have reached the end of exams, well done! After many weeks of revision, preparation and anticipation – not to mention the exams themselves – you can now breathe a sigh of relief that you reached the end.

So, now what? You are free from the restraints of textbooks and timetables – it’s time to make the most of this time. It’s yours! Here’s how:

Get back to basics

Remember the things that took a back seat during your exam period? The early starts before exams or the late nights of studying; swapping your usual five-a-side or gym classes in favour of study sessions; or not having the same amount of time to spend cooking, shopping or reading for fun? Give time back to your much-needed sleep, fitness and hobbies now that you have a free diary once again.

Mark the moment

Don’t let special moments in your life pass you by – mark them with meaning. You have worked so hard and have been put through your paces – whether that’s been coursework, revision or exams – so be sure to mark it all coming to an end. Go to your favourite restaurant, have a post-exam get-together with friends or even have a weekend away somewhere! Whatever you do, just balance out the hard work you have put in by having some fun.

Use don’t lose the momentum

You may find that you have a boost of energy at the end of your exams. Phew! They’re all done. Your instinct might not be to flop after your last exam after all – so ride the high instead! If that energy has you entering a charity race, some local volunteering or signing up to your next qualification then make the most of your post-exam momentum and enjoy your next challenge.

Time to reflect

That being said, it can be all too easy to jump straight to the next thing, whatever that may be. It can be just as valuable to take stock and reflect on your recent feat of all those weeks of studying and nerves. Give yourself a pat on the back and perhaps consider the things you may have wanted to do differently – using this experience can help you in what you choose to do next.

Give yourself time

Just like you have dedicated hours to exam season, now it’s time to dedicate some time back to you. Give yourself a set amount of time – whether that’s one day or one week –  to do whatever you feel like doing. Make a change from being dictated by your study timetable and just be directed by you instead. Have fun, let go and be free!

Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on Unsplash