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You’ve finished you’re A levels. Well done!

A level’s are an amazing achievement, but what’s next?

Maybe university? Start earning money? Or maybe you want a bit of both?

If so then an apprenticeship could be the best option for you. As we approach results day we are looking at whether an apprenticeship could be the next step for you.

An apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to train while you work gaining valuable and extensive work experience in an industry.

Essentially an apprenticeship is a job.

So after your A level’s you could go straight into paid employment. Completing your apprenticeship programme alongside your normal working duties.
Apprenticeship programmes include on-the-job and of-the-job learning. Off-the-job learning should equate to 20% of your contracted hours. Your employer will support you to complete this part of the programmer during work hours.

Getting a degree.

Nowadays apprenticeships offer school leavers an alternative option to university. However this doesn’t mean you have to forfeit gaining a degree. You can now complete higher, degree and masters level apprenticeship programmes. And best of all there is no student debt!

Choosing an industry

Apprenticeships have been associated with trade industries, such as construction or plumbing. However now you can complete an apprenticeship in just about any industry you can think of. From law to digital marketing.

If you have finished your A levels, there are two types of apprenticeship that you may want to consider. Higher apprenticeships (level 4/5) or degree apprenticeships (level 6/7).

Higher apprenticeships are designed for school leavers aged 18 or above. These programmes may last between three to four years. The minimum entry requirements for higher apprenticeships will vary from programme to programme. But you may be required to have two A levels, or an advanced apprenticeship in a relevant discipline.

Degree apprentices work on a full-time basis whilst studying towards a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. Degree apprenticeships may last between three to five years.

The entry requirements for degree apprenticeships vary depending on the company you work for and the programme. However, entry requirements may be two or more A levels, 260-300 UCAS points or previously completed advanced level, or higher level apprenticeships.